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Rudd wants to see speedy FTA talks with China


19:53, June 28, 2013

CANBERRA, June 28 (Xinhua) -- Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said Friday that he would like to see a conclusion of Australia's free trade agreement negotiations with China.

Rudd made the remarks when answering questions raised by Xinhua at his first press conference after being sworn in as Australia's 28th prime minister on Thursday.

"I think the relationship with China is in very good working order. Everyone knows that we have massive economic interests which we have in common," he said.

"What I'd really like to see and this has been a tough, tough process and I would say to our friends in Beijing, let us conclude the free trade agreement between China and Australia... It really needs to be brought to conclusion."

Rudd reassured the Chinese side, saying China needs not to worry about the impact of the Australian agricultural industry on its domestic market given the limited size of Australia's agricultural output.

"If Australia exported all of its agricultural outputs to China it may cater for the extra food demands of Guangdong province, maybe, on a good day."

"I think in terms of Chinese consumers' demands, for an increasing range of food products, and of our appropriate environmental accreditation, that there is a huge opportunity for us as Australians to do much better in the Chinese agricultural market."

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