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Vietnam, China have huge potentials for cooperation: Vietnamese President

By Zhang Jianhua, Le Thi Phuong, Yang Wei (Xinhua)

08:31, June 19, 2013

HANOI, June 18 (Xinhua) -- Vietnam and China "have huge potentials for further speeding up cooperation in the future," Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang, who will start his three-day state visit to China from Wednesday at the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping, said in an interview with Xinhua and other Chinese media here on Tuesday.

"Vietnam and China are close neighboring countries. The two peoples have shared a long-standing traditional friendship," the Vietnamese president said.

Over the past years, the Vietnam-China comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership has instantly consolidated and developed, with political exchanges unceasingly enhanced, cooperation in economy, trade and investment, tourism and other fields recorded new development, and people-to-people exchanges expanded both in depth and width, the president said.

At present, the national construction and development of Vietnam and China are facing both opportunities and challenges, he said. To further enhance the development of bilateral ties, he suggested the two countries to try their utmost in the following four aspects:

First, to reinforce the political confidence, most important of which is to maintain and increase the exchange of visits and meetings between the high-ranking officials as well as among ministries or branches and localities of the two countries. Leaders of the two countries should hold regular exchange of visits and meetings with each other in different forms in order to timely set forth major orientations on fostering relations between the two parties and countries.

Second, to consolidate and expand bilateral cooperation of mutual benefits in all fields, especially in economy, trade and investment, science and technology, education and training, and tourism. The two sides should intensify coordination in developing economy and promoting cooperation of mutual benefits in all fields.

Third, to unceasingly inherit and uphold the traditional friendship between the two countries' people, diversify the contents on the exchange of cooperation and friendship among people from all walks of life of the two countries, especially the young people, and further popularize the cause of each country's national development as well as the Vietnam-China friendship.

Fourth, on the basis of the Vietnam-China neighboring friendship, the common concept of the two countries' leaders, and the international laws, and consistently through peaceful measures and friendly consultation, to handle reasonably all differences and issues occurred in relations between the two countries and to maintain the stable circumstance in bilateral ties.

At present, China and Vietnam are both facilitating the cause of reforms and opening-up. The Chinese people are striving to realize the "Chinese Dream," while the Vietnamese people are trying to implement their goals to build Vietnam basically into a modern, industrialized country by 2020.

President Sang said the two countries share the same wish of building a peaceful, stable and prosperous country. The reform and renovation processes in China and Vietnam have strongly boosted development of the two countries, creating a better life for the peoples, contributing to the development and common prosperity in the region and the world, and bringing a higher international status for the two countries.

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