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China, Costa Rica agree to enhance bilateral communication, cooperation


13:20, June 04, 2013

SAN JOSE, June 3 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Costa Rican counterpart Laura Chinchilla agreed Monday to enhance communication and cooperation between the two countries for further development of bilateral ties.

In talks with Chinchilla, Xi said China-Costa Rica relations, although only six years old, have achieved sound development, adding the closer ties are proven to be in the fundamental interests of both countries and their people.

The China-Costa Rica relationship is in a position to become a paradigm of cooperation between countries of different size and national condition, he said.

Chinchilla said the two countries, since the establishment of bilateral relations, have witnessed frequent high-level exchanges and fruitful results in cooperation in various fields, which brought tangible benefits to both sides.

Costa Rica wants to deepen mutual trust, cooperation and friendship with China, she said, adding she wish the Chinese people make new achievements in realizing the Chinese dream.

The two presidents reached comprehensive consensus and agreed on a four-point proposal to promote bilateral cooperation.

Firstly, China and Costa Rica should enhance high-level exchanges between the governments, legislatures and political parties to consolidate mutual trust. They should continue to firmly support each other on issues concerning their core interests, the two leaders said.

Secondly, the two countries agreed to push forward pragmatic cooperation. They should expand the scope, optimize the structure and enlarge the size of bilateral trade under the framework of the free trade agreement.

China supports Costa Rica in constructing a special economic zone, while Costa Rica welcomes Chinese enterprises to invest on its soil. The two countries would also mull cooperation in the area of clean energy.

Thirdly, China and Costa Rica agreed to deepen cooperation in such domains as culture, education, sports and tourism. They agreed to strengthen youth and local-level exchanges and implement projects related to overseas study and the Confucius Institutes.

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