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Quality animation not just fantasy

(China Daily)

11:16, June 04, 2013

Though the industry "in a trough" nationwide, the Chengdu-headquartered company has an all-new series ready. Photos Provided to China Daily

Hengfeng creating fresh plots, images and new story lines

Xiong Weihua, founder and chairman of Chengdu Hengfeng Animation Co, says his dream to present the fine aspects of Chinese culture to the world through his company's cartoons is starting to come true.

"We are dedicated to creating original Chinese cartoons and working in the green, low-carbon, innovative economy," Xiong said in an interview with China Daily in late May.

In 2006, the State Council announced support for the development of the country's animation industry. The company emerged in response to the demand.

"The Chinese government is now encouraging development of the cultural creative industry and animation is a core part," he noted.

Chinese cartoons were splendid for several decades, but the industry has hit a trough, he noted.

"Many people criticize Chinese animations because they lack attraction in plots and picture quality, and also few are suitable for adults to watch," said Xiong.

The problems are caused by several factors, he noted.

"Some animation producers are short of investment and technological support, and some are only interested in instant profits," he explained.

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