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San Francisco Mayor to tout investment opportunities on China visit

By Han Shasha (People's Daily Online)

14:36, March 29, 2013

San Francisco, March 28 (People’s Daily Online) --San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee’s business trip to China will start in early April, during which, he will meet Chinese government officials touting investment opportunities in the Bay Area.

“We would them like to see San Francisco in the Bay Area has great investment opportunities whether it’s real estate or technology investment.” Mayor Lee told People’s Daily Online.

The Chinese-American mayor said that San Francisco is very well situated and it is a gateway to Pacific. He expects both China and America understand the significance of the major city.

He welcomes Chinese companies investing here in the Bay Area. He especially mentioned there is a mutual appreciation for biotechnology investment because “China is now trying to pay attention to healthiness.” He said China has a huge middle class that is involving. People are taking healthcare as No.1 thing. He said“when you go around you can see people wearing face masks.” The environment is still challenging. “I believe San Francisco can be really a great dialogue for them about that kind of investment,” he said.

Although he started the trip as the mayor of San Francisco, he said he would also help promote San Jose, Oakland and other municipal cities in the Bay Area. He talked with mayors of other cities, they hope he can put the Bay Area on focus. He said that no matter a company starts in Silicon Valley, San Jose or Oakland, the whole region will win.

Before his trip to China, he is trying to finalize a $1.7 billion deal with China Development Corp., the Chinese national railway and Lennar Corp. to construct 12,500 complexes on the Hunters Point Shipyard and Treasure Island.

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