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China should increase influence on international affairs: media head


10:15, March 16, 2013

LUSAKA, March 15 (Xinhua) -- The new leadership in China should be aggressive and up their influence on the international agenda in order to neutralize the voice of the west which has been dominant in international affairs, the head of one of Zambia's leading daily newspapers has said.

Isaac Chipampe, managing director of the state-run Zambia Daily Mail said in an interview with Xinhua on Thursday that the new leadership in China is expected to play a "very important role of neutralizing the imbalance between the west and the rest of the world."

"China should be the voice of the voiceless. The world should not be dictated by only two nations," he said.

The official, in remarks made with regard to the current leadership changes in China, said the west has been bulldozing its way on many critical international issues, adding that developing nations are looking to China to take the role of speaking for them.

"Russia has been trying to balance the issues but it will also need China. Russia and China should join forces in ensuring that they speak for small countries. I expect China to be crucial in international affairs," he added.

Meanwhile, the official said the importance of China to the development of not only Zambia but the rest of Africa will forever be embedded in many Africans, saying the Asian nation has helped the continent at a time when assistance was needed.

"What I appreciate about China is that the support is unconditional in Africa. China has done a lot for Africa without attaching any conditionality. To borrow a cliché from politicians, China is an all-weather friend. That kind of support can't be under-estimated," he added.

He further said he does not see any deviation in terms of support to Africa by the new leadership, saying Chinese policies have been consistent over the years but indicated that the Asian should now focus on helping Zambia and other African nations in the industrialization process.

According to him, Africa needs big time investment in the manufacturing industry in order to boost industrialization and create more jobs as well as help countries in technological advancement.

"We need heavy kind of investment that can swallow unemployment. China should invest in automobile, production of sportswear and agro-processing. China has big companies in sports manufacturing and these should set up bases in Africa," he added.

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