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School bus drivers' licenses suspended

(Shanghai Daily)

10:50, June 29, 2013

BEIJING, June 29 (Xinhuanet) -- Three school bus drivers in Shanghai have had their licenses suspended for traffic violations as authorities enforce stricter laws this year.

Even minor traffic infractions will result in license suspensions for school bus drivers, police said. In the past, drivers usually had license points deducted.

A series of fatal school bus accidents around the country last year raised public concern. The accidents led to tougher regulations being enforced for violations such as speeding, overloading and drunk driving.

"The rules apply regardless of whether they are driving a school bus or their own vehicle," a traffic police officer said. "They need to be more careful."

A school bus driver, surnamed Li, 56, had his license suspended recently after a minor infraction in April.

Li was driving his own car in neighboring Zhejiang Province when he was caught by a surveillance camera driving in a restricted lane.

In the past, traffic police would deduct three of 12 license points for the violation and fine the driver 200 yuan (US$32.57). But Li had all his points deducted and his license was suspended.

People with a mental disease and those who have been convicted of drunk driving or drug use can not work as school bus drivers.

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