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Progress achieved in breaking 'iron rice bowl'-secure job


08:09, May 28, 2013

BEIJING, May 27 (Xinhua) -- New progress was achieved in China's efforts to do away with the "iron rice bowl," or the system of guaranteed lifetime employment, in government-sponsored public institutions last year, according to a ministry report published on Monday.

Issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the report says a contract-based employment system has been expanded to cover more than 90 percent of positions offered in public institutions.

Meanwhile, its adds, a system of recruiting entrants openly and based on competitive selection had been applied to public institutions nationwide by the end of 2012.

For a long time, individuals recruited to such jobs have usually had an "iron rice bowl," meaning they can receive a regular salary and work at the institutions until retirement, regardless of performance.

However, in a major reform move, China has been striving to reshape its public institutions to improve public services.

The reform will affect more than 30 million staff members in over 1.2 million public institutions across the country, according to official figures released in August 2012.

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