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Journey to Red Planet – pioneering expedition or elaborate hoax?

By Liang Chen (Global Times)

08:59, May 23, 2013

Yang Shimeng, a 25-year-old space enthusiast in Tianjin, is frustrated by worries that his dream of landing on Mars may never be realized.

In April, his attention was drawn to a Dutch program called Mars One Project that aimed to send a crew to the Red Planet by 2023. Even more thrillingly, the project said it would recruit ordinary people from around the world as astronauts.

Fired by his dream of becoming an astronaut, Yang quickly logged on to its official website (, registered, filled in the application forms, and paid the $11 registration fee.

He officially became a candidate for the journey to Mars, bringing him one step closer to his lifelong dream.

"I never felt so close to my dream of exploring space," Yang told the Global Times.

However, Yang's hopes were dealt a heavy blow by a recent report by Chinese media that claimed the project might be nothing more than an elaborate hoax.

A Guangzhou Daily report accused the company of using the registration fee to raise money, as it is registered at a residential address where they rent the office with other companies.

The report said over 10,000 Chinese applicants who had paid registration fees may have been swindled.

The accusation sent shock waves throughout China, especially among space enthusiasts. Most people said they would be hurt if it did emerge that it was indeed a fraud.

"It's not about money. It's just our dream of going to Mars might have evaporated," said a netizen who goes by the name of Giosu.

Bas Lansdrop, founder of the project, rejected the accusations on Tuesday. He told the Global Times he registered the company under the address of his home, because the office's real location cannot be used for registration purposes.

He also pointed out that the project was continuing to go forward at a steady pace.

"We have placed its first aerospace supplier under contract to start work on Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) and Mars Surface Exploration Spacesuit System," Bas told the Global Times, adding that there are 10 core members working on the project.

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