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Scammer jailed for ripping off sick woman

(Global Times)

10:17, March 18, 2013

Xuhui District People's Court has sentenced a man to two years and two months in prison for posing as a hospital employee and scamming his friend's mother out of 82,000 yuan ($13,185), the court announced Sunday in Shanghai.

The 22-year-old defendant, surnamed Wang, claimed that he worked in the logistics department at a local hospital, according to a court press release. He showed off his fake working certificate to his friends and said that he had been promoted to director of the department.

Wang's friend, whom the court called Xiao Hua, turned to Wang to help get her mother treatment at the hospital for a tumor in her uterus. Wang agreed and told Xiao Hua to pay him 30,000 yuan to secure a bed in the hospital.

After receiving the money, Wang gave Xiao Hua a receipt with a hospital stamp and spent 2,000 yuan to hire a scalper who found a way to get Xiao Hua's mother hospitalized for two days.

Xiao Hua was grateful for Wang's help, so she agreed to pay him another 15,000 yuan for the blood Xiao Hua's mother would need for the surgery.

Wang got Xiao Hua to pay him another 50,000 yuan in total for the surgery. He said the hospital would return 30,000 yuan to his mother's social security account.

However, Xiao Hua found there was only 3,000 yuan returned to the account. Wang wrote Xiao Hua a 27,000 yuan receipt, and said that the hospital had made a mistake and would give the rest of the money back.

However, when Xiao Hua approached the hospital about the money, its staff said that they had never employed Wang, and all of the medical bills were forged. Xiao Hua reported Wang to the police.

Police found that Wang had forged the papers on his computer and had purchased the hospital seal over the Internet.

The court found Wang guilty of fraud.

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