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Guards hit books on top campuses

By Ni Wei (Global Times)

08:41, May 15, 2013

Peking University is known for its elite students. But it turns out that its security guards may be just as smart, as several of them have been accepted to good universities while holding down full-time work on the campus. Now discussion online is focusing on whether Peking University breeds smart guards, whether other talent on campus goes unnoticed, and whether broadening education can help China's schools.

Self-taught watchmen

"Over 400 security guards in Peking University had gone on to further study and got college, undergraduate and post-graduate degrees since 1992," said Wang Guiming, the team captain of the security guards in an interview with

Gan Xiangwei, a former security guard in Peking University, was one of those who took up higher education.

According to San Jin City News, Gan became a security guard in Peking University in 2007. After that, he managed to squeeze time to study despite working hard during the day.

To earn the money to buy expensive textbooks, Gan had to eat nothing but instant noodles for ten days. And to afford the lectures he wanted to hear, he had to pick up extra shifts.

A year later, Gan passed the college entrance examinations for self-taught adults and enrolled in the Chinese department at the same school.

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