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Probe underway after high-rise flat receives mysterious gunshots

By Dong Zhen (Shanghai Daily)

14:34, May 08, 2013

A high-rise apartment in Pudong is suspected to have been shot by gun yesterday morning with no casualties caused, Shanghai East Radio Station reported today.

The 12th-floor residence in the Greenland William Apartment was attacked by two gunshots, which started about 10am yesterday, the woman living inside the flat, surnamed Ni, reported said.

She was not injured but two windows were broken in the gunshots.

Police suspected the shooter had aimed from a position above 10th floor and had used an air-soft gun. An investigation is already underway.

"I was sitting there using the computer when I heard a gunshot about 10. Then I smelled gunpowder in the air," the woman reportedly recalled.

She was sitting less than a meter from the widows shot by the gun. And about 30 minutes later, the second bullet penetrated her window.

"It must be intentional attack. Otherwise, it couldn't explain why only our windows were targeted," she reported said.

The frightened woman alarmed police immediately. No more detail is now available from the police investigators at present.

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