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Online drug deals make it tough for the police

(Shanghai Daily)

15:23, April 16, 2013

Police are investigating a case where a reporter was able to buy a gram of marijuana online for about 100 yuan (US$16).

Smokers are openly doing business with drug dealers over the Internet but escaping attention by using their jargons and changing them frequently, according to police.

Lately, smokers have been calling themselves "pilots" and smoking marijuana is "taking off." Dealers are "captains" or "airports" and they don't advertise drugs, they advertise "fuel."

Police told the Nanfang Daily, after its reporter's drug deal story, that it was difficult to catch up with the dealers because they kept changing the words they used.

On online forums, smokers share smoking experiences and even give lessons on how to grow the drug themselves.

Many dealers leave messages on the forum, such as saying they are "airports supplying authentic fuel" and they leave a series of numbers so they can be reached via online chatting services.

One smoker even started an online course teaching others how to grow the drug.

He said the equipment would cost 700 or 800 yuan, and he uploaded a picture showing the marijuana he was growing.

On another forum, high school students boasted that they were smoking marijuana in the playground and even in the classroom.

The Nanfang Daily reporter said he reached one of the "captains" via a QQ number on a forum.

He was charging 120 to 140 yuan for each gram of various kinds of drugs and said he had a store on one of the country's biggest e-commerce platforms ?

He told the reporter that dealers had established an alliance with others to protect customers' rights by putting names on a blacklist if dealers were found cheating customers.

The reporter was told to purchase the product as a "gift from a friend." Three days later, the reporter received a pack of tea with a smaller bag inside. The bag was sent for tests and found to contain a gram of marijuana, the newspaper said.

Under Chinese law, people smuggling, trading and producing marijuana face lengthy jail sentences. Those caught with a substantial amount could be sentenced to life.

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Tony_42 at 2013-05-26172.219.32.*
If China goes down the "drug war" path instead of the education, health and harm reduction path it will harm their future development. Prohibition increases crime and drug use.
88 at 2013-04-1772.42.143.*
Now China can follow the West and wage trillion dollar war on marijuana; one they will never win and one that will turn millions of smokers into criminals overloading both law enforcement and the penal system. Or.... China can embrace this item of leisure, make it legal for adult use, regulate sales and make trillions of dollars in taxes instead.

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