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China promotes use of energy-saving internal combustion engines


10:09, February 18, 2013

BEIJING, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) -- China will step up efforts to develop energy-saving internal combustion engines and promote their use in coming years to reduce emissions, according to a guideline issued by the State Council.

Energy-saving internal combustion engines will account for 60 percent of the total engines in use by 2015, the guideline issued by China's Cabinet said.

The State Council said China's internal combustion engines do not meet international energy-saving standards and many energy-guzzling products are still widely used.

China will accelerate the research and development of new technologies, as well as promote the application of energy-saving and emissions-reducing internal combustion engines, the guideline said.

The country will create a standard system for regulating the combustion engine industry, according to the guideline.

It also said China will reduce the energy consumption rate of internal combustion engines by 6 percent to 10 percent by 2015 compared with the 2010 level. By expanding the use of energy-saving products, China aims to save 20 million tonnes of fuel, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 62 million tonnes and cut nitrogen oxide emissions by 10 percent during the period.

The latest move came amid China's growing emphasis on a cleaner and healthier growth model after years of rapid development have taken heavy tolls on the country's resources and environment.

By the end of 2015, China will lower its energy consumption per unit of GDP by 16 percent from 2010 and lower its carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by 17 percent, according to the country's 12th Five-year Plan (2011-2015).

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