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17 punished after 2 men die in demolition accident


08:28, December 10, 2012

SEVENTEEN government officials and workers in southwest China's Guizhou Province received punishments yesterday, after a demolition accident on Friday left two people dead and another three injured, local authorities said.

Five of the 17 were suspended from their posts, three were detained by police for dereliction of duty and the other nine given the punishment of security detention, said the investigation team.

Officials with the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Renhuai City, the city's Yanjin neighborhood committee and officials in charge of dismantling illegal constructions were among those punished.

Workers sent by the bureau were demolishing an illegally constructed building in Yanjin community, in the county-level city of Renhuai, on Friday, when at around 5pm a concrete slab fell and struck five workers.

The injured men were taken to hospital where two died. The three others were receiving treatment in hospital yesterday. One of the workers is seriously injured, said a spokesman with the investigation team.

The bodies of the dead workers were carried to the city government office building on Friday night, drawing a group of onlookers. Police later persuaded the crowd to disperse. The bodies were taken to a funeral parlor yesterday.

A further investigation is under way, said officials.

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