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Chinese military lashes out at Japanese defense report


08:49, July 12, 2013

BEIJING, July 12 (Xinhua) -- China's military is strongly discontented with and firmly opposed to a recent Japanese defense report and has lodged a solemn representation to the Japanese side, said a Defense Ministry spokesman on Thursday.

"The new edition of Japan's defense white paper deliberately ignores facts and plays up the 'China's military threat'", said spokesman Geng Yansheng in a press release.

The Japanese white paper, which was released on Tuesday, improperly commented about China's defense and military building, made groundless accusations against China's legitimate conduct for safeguarding national sovereignty, and attempted to sow dissensions between China and its neighboring countries, said Geng.

He said China is on a path of peaceful development and its defense policies are purely defensive in nature.

The strategic aims of China's military development are very clear, he said, noting that China will be committed to safeguarding world peace and stability.

The Japanese white paper said "some of China's activities involve its intrusion into Japan's territorial waters, its violation of Japan's territorial airspace and even dangerous actions that could cause a contingency".

Citing a January incident in which Japan says a Chinese navy frigate locked weapons' radar on a Japanese destroyer in the East China Sea, the paper criticized China for denying use of the radar.

It also said the lack of transparency of Chinese military intentions is "a concern" for the region and the international community.

In response to these accusations, Geng said Japan's dissemination of China's lack of military transparency has ulterior motives.

He rejected the so-called China intrusion into Japan's territorial waters and airspace as well as the so-called Radar incident as ridiculous, saying Japan's actions of sowing discords have revealed its dangerous intentions to defame China and the Chinese military.

Geng reiterated that China is unswerving in its determination and resolve to maintain territorial sovereignty and it cannot be criticized for taking actions to safeguard sovereignty.

The Japanese government illegally "purchased" part of the Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea last September, which was a grave violation of China's territorial sovereignty and caused tensions in bilateral relations, said the spokesman.

However, Japan seems unwilling to reflect on its mistakes, instead, it falsely accuses China for destroying bilateral relations and being tough on the external front, said Geng, adding Japan's remarks will mislead international opinions and create tensions in the region.

The spokesman said Japan has used many pretexts for its military expansion in recent years. It has developed offensive combat powers and carried out joint military drills with some countries outside the region.

He also accused the irresponsible remarks by Japanese leaders on the country's wartime history, noting that Japan's moves will arouse the strong concern and high alert of its Asian neighbors and the international community for its development direction.

"We urge the Japanese side to reflect on its aggressive history, choose the path of peaceful development and win the trust of its Asian neighbors by concrete actions", said Geng.

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