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Transporting living materials is main task of disaster-relief troops

(China Military Online)

08:36, April 28, 2013

BEIJING, April 27, (ChinaMil) -- A video and telephone conference was held by the Central Military Commission (CMC) on April 24, 2013 to deploy the tasks for better implementing the earthquake relief work by the troop units of the Chinese People's Liberation army (PLA) and the Chinese People's Armed Police Force (APF). The earthquake-relief joint headquarters of the Chengdu Military Area Command (MAC) of the PLA immediately took actions and organized transport forces to transport the living materials urgently needed by people to the quake-hit areas by ways of combination of the ground and air transportations.

A total of 1,000 military tents were urgently allocated from the combat readiness depot in Chengdu and transported to the quake-hit areas by 40 transport vehicles of an armored brigade under the 13th Combined Corps of the Chengdu MAC on April 24, 2013. The people in the quake-hit areas got these tents at the very night. On the same day, an artillery brigade under the 13th Combined Corps arranged 40 transport vehicles to undertake the task for transporting a total of 700 tents and 300 sets of temporary toilets allocated by the local government.

The Department of Sichuan-Tibet Military Service Stations of the PLA arranged 50 transport vehicles on April 25 to transport more than 500 tons of relief materials including instant noodles, biscuits and tents to Lushan county, the most severely hit area of the Ya'an earthquake. A division under the PLA Air Force and an army aviation brigade of the PLA have dispatched 29 helicopters to fly 72 sorties in the past two days and transported by air 47.8 tons of relief materials including food, medicine, bedding and clothing as well as generator to the worst-hit areas.

According to the deployment, the next step's tasks of the disaster-relief troop units are to help people to settle down, allocate and transport materials, conduct emergency road repair to ensure smooth road transportation, eliminate dangerous situations, carry out medical and epidemic prevention work and clean up the ruins caused by the earthquake.

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