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Police official abused power: Probe

By Wang Huazhong (China Daily)

08:28, January 14, 2013

A deputy provincial police chief in North China who tried to cover up an assault his son is alleged to have committed should be fired, an investigation by discipline authorities has concluded.

Li Yali has already been suspended from his post as deputy director of Shanxi province's public security department and director of public security in Taiyuan, the provincial capital.

If the central discipline body supports the investigation report, he will be permanently removed from his post and his Party membership will be suspended for a year, Xinhua News Agency reported on Sunday.

The investigation found that Li had abused his power to help his son, who had been accused of drunken driving and assaulting a traffic police officer. It also said Li had violated rules regarding personnel management, although it did not elaborate.

On the morning of Oct 13, Li Zhengyuan, Li Yali's son, was stopped by Xia Kun, a police officer, after he illegally turned left at a crossroads. He is alleged to have refused to cooperate with Xia, instead attacking him, Xinhua reported.

"I'll show you who I am," Li Zhengyuan shouted, according to witness statements. "I'll beat you every time I see you.

"Get away from me. This is none of your business. I'm practicing family rules," he was reported to say to passers-by.

More officers arrived at the scene and took the driver into custody. A blood test showed Li was over the legal alcohol limit.

Li Zhengyuan did not face charges, and video records taken by surveillance cameras near the scene of the incident were deleted, Xinhua reported.

Sunday's investigation report led to outrage among netizens, who expressed anger and demanded Li Yali suffer a "severe and judicial punishment".

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