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Beijing to offer express shuttle buses in September

(Shanghai Daily)

13:59, July 16, 2013

Beijing is likely to introduce express shuttle buses to carry people to work according to their own customized routes this September, Xinhua reports.

The service is targeted at people living in residential areas and those who have to travel long distances to work.

An online survey by the Beijing Public Transportation Group shows that over 10,000 commuters have made requests for the shuttle buses to carry them between work and home.

The shuttle buses, equipped with WiFi and reserved seats for paying customers, will cost about 30 percent of what it costs to drive to work, according to the survey.

Passengers must pay a month's fare in advance to secure a seat on their chosen route.

Beijing's public transportation is in deficit from the large amount of subsidies on bus and subway fares. The city's traffic Management Bureau is mulling a possible price hike for next year.

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