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Expats unveil Beijing's beauty at Garden Expo

(People's Daily Online)

16:27, June 18, 2013

Beijing Garden Expo in miniature(People's Daily Online/Li Xiang)

Key Words: The 9th China (Beijing) International Garden Expo, China Garden Expo, Beijing Garden Expo
>> Beautiful scenery in Beijing Garden Expo
>> Enjoy the Float Parade in Beijing Garden Expo

The first tour of 2013 Beautiful Beijing in the Eyes of Foreign Friends Photo Contest visited the Beijing garden Expo on June 15, 2013. More than 150 foreign experts from Chinese media organizations and agencies in Beijing participated in the activity.

The foreign experts were amazed at the structure of the whole garden expo, and the exquisiteness of the traditional Chinese gardens with strong local colors. The new technologies and low-carbon environmental technology with green concept and eco-friendly energy saving materials also have left the foreign experts a deep impression.

The overall layout for the Garden Expo Park can be summed up as "one axis, two zones, three landmarks, and five exposition parks." Built on the site of a former construction-waste landfill, ecological restoration techniques allowed this former wasteland to be turned into a showspace for lush gardens.

The tour was meant to maintain a close relationship with foreigners who live in Beijing and unveil the beauty of Beijing through lens, which has made the 2013 Beautiful Beijing in the Eyes of Foreign Friends Photo Contest more vivid and colorful.

The photo contest started in May 2013. With the theme of “the beauty of Beijing”, the contest is designed to show the beauty of Beijing through photographs collected from foreigners, making foreign friends living in Beijing experience the scenery, ancient style and charm of the humanities of Beijing.

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