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Mr. Linea: an existential experience

By Hu Zhe (

10:13, May 14, 2013


Like a single stroke in space, a line is a starting point.

Two French jugglers, Jive Faury and Kim Huynh gave an enthusiastic audience an artistic display to behold on May 10 in the capital city of China. To the surprise of many in attendance, the theme used for their performance was a rope, or to phrase it a different way, a line.

For most people, a line is merely a line. It is as abstract or geometric as it is useless. But to Jive Faury and Kim Huynh, a line can function as a blank sheet of paper, a symbol representing endless possibilities.

The white rope used during their performance did not only serve as a prop, but came with its own unique storyline. Through all the splits and tangles, the line is liberated. At times the two performers would seek each other out, only to suddenly separate from one other, and then later reconnect. The performers were able to communicate through the magical rope, which had an unlimited emotional power extending beyond the imaginations of those in attendance.

The deployment of the rope as the central object had its own set of philosophical implications: a simple concept such as a line can easily become complicated, the secret rests within how one chooses to use it or view it.

Although the show was mainly about playing with the imagination, it also featured well-choreographed dance routines, which proved to be as captivating as anything else happening on the stage.

Overall, with its humor and playfulness, the show turned out to be a perfect weekend activity for people of all ages to enjoy.

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