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Chinese prepare for lunar New Year


09:10, February 06, 2013

A feast for the stomach and the eyes. This is how Liu Meixiu and her neighbors are preparing for the lunar new year. These steamed buns each carry their own meaning.

Liu Meixiu said:"There are folklores. Newly weds can take these to their in-laws. They represent good fortune."

She says in the eastern Shandong province, every year neighbors go from house to house helping each other make steamed buns.

In the southern Fujian Province, a unique tradition whoever can set off the firecrackers inside the lanterns wins the game.

"It's the first time I experience these Chinese festivities. I think it's so interesting, so lively. I love it."

There are also special snacks, such as the Ciba, sticky rice cakes made using a hammer.

In Southwest China's Sichuan Province, over 1000 people welcome the new year by dressing up like Chinese historical figures. And for people in Guangdong province, flowers are a must. They represent the coming Spring, after which the festival was named.

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