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What’s the way out for China’s cultural relics protection?

(People's Daily Online)

08:10, January 30, 2013

Former residences of celebrities in "San Fang Qi Xiang" turn into luxury clubs. (File Photo/ People's Daily)

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Recently, Liu Xiang’s Mansion, one of cultural relics under protection in Chongqing was quietly turned into a luxurious restaurant, drawing people’s concern about the protection of cultural relics once again. These structures which should have been open to the public are now exclusively accessible by a certain group of people by the notice board shown at the front saying “Exclusive Club, Enter upon Invitation”.

Don’t expect that’s anything occasional. A number of similar events were exposed to us. For example, the Jianfu Palace Hall of the Forbidden City in Beijing was transformed into a club while the Song Meiling’s Villa in Nanjing was run to undertake wedding receptions. Such cultural relics were put into commercial operation relying on their cultural deposits and public values through corresponding packaging and operations, which turned to cause the harms to and/or missing of the relics due to inappropriate conduct of restructuring.

Many competent authorities made use of the relics for commercial purposes on the plea of fund shortages. Some relics’ protection can only rely on assistance applied to commercial banks and/or institutions. However, noted expert on cultural relics protection Xie Chensheng, said that lack of funds is just an excuse, it is the blind pursuit of economic interests that makes so many competent organs to cross the “red line” without restraint in heritage protection.

“In a commercial society, cultural relics are a scarce resource, in which context, their protection is seen as the meat of Tang Xuanzang for its extensive profit margins in the course of urbanization construction., said Xie, “And the root should be the wrong acknowledgement of officials from up to bottom. It is contrary to the nature of protection to the relics for people to make their values market-oriented, determine their value by commodity economy theories, confirm their orientation in application depending on market effects, or even put their management under an industrialization path for the maximized economic benefits. ”

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There should be laws that prohibit & banning all foreigners from buying Chinese relics. And impose heavy punishment for smuggling national relics and treasures to foreign country such as US, France, England, Italy, Spain and European countries. These countries looted China" relics in the 19"s centuries and had them display at their national museum. UNESCO criminalize countries who stole other country relics, and should mandate them to return to righful country. These are thieves and must be charged with crimes against humanity for robbing that nation"s heritages.

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