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What’s the way out for China’s cultural relics protection? (2)

(People's Daily Online)

08:24, January 30, 2013

There are also some problems in terms of accountability, like ill-defined relevant issues and low cost for non-compliance. “For example, it is hard to define ‘destruction of historical heritages’ in regard to the identification of activities constituting destruction and the degree of destruction. Therefore, relevant law enforcement may face certain difficulties. As experts said that current punishment in this regard are apparently inadequate and not bold enough in comparison with the attractive profits from commercial projects. “

How to clear the boundaries of China’s cultural relics protection from items’ commercial values to heritages’ protection and inheritance.

In fact, operating activities are not completely forbidden in the provisions of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage by restricting to only such activities of service nature which are people-oriented and are in line with expected nature and tasks.

It has become a practice around the globe to put some historic buildings of living values and commercial values into market-oriented and commercial operation, to cover the insufficient financial investment in heritage conservation and development. However, there are detailed definitions of the range of the relics that can be brought to commercial operation and for sale on the market as well as specific principal limitations to their manner of development.

Zhou Xueying, professor of School of Histroy, Nanjing University, said that we must have a clear idea of the relationship between three pairs of interests respectively, namely long-term interest vs. short-term interest, individual interest vs. overall interest, and public interest vs. private interest, in order to achieve a balance between heritage preservation and related commercial use.

An open and transparent relics use mechanism is a desired solution to improve the regulatory strength and make up for the loopholes. Du Tao suggested getting competent sectors of cultural relics, environmental protection, land administration, planning department and expert teams involved in the examination and approval of cultural heritage related projects; meanwhile, common people may also be organized to participate in the hearing. “To establish a strict authentication system, we must invite the true experts who really understand heritage protection rather than those conductive to the approval and execution of projects; besides, what should be clearly defined is not only the subject approval body but also the way of accountability,” said Lu Jiansong, professor of Department of Cultural Heritage and Museology, Fudan University.

Read the Chinese version: 商业开发 频频撞击文保(解码·一再放行的老问题)
Source:People's Daily Paper Edition.

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SAVING CHINA at 2013-01-3171.163.124.*
There should be laws that prohibit & banning all foreigners from buying Chinese relics. And impose heavy punishment for smuggling national relics and treasures to foreign country such as US, France, England, Italy, Spain and European countries. These countries looted China" relics in the 19"s centuries and had them display at their national museum. UNESCO criminalize countries who stole other country relics, and should mandate them to return to righful country. These are thieves and must be charged with crimes against humanity for robbing that nation"s heritages.

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