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American idol live in China

By Zhang Kun in Shanghai  (China Daily)

11:31, January 28, 2013

Adam Lambert is noted for his powerful voice, electrifying performances and distinctive style.(China Daily)

Adam Lambert will be the first American Idol star to hold a solo concert in China, making his debut at Shanghai's Mercedes-Benz Arena on March 3.

The city will be the only mainland stop for Lambert's tour in China, in support of his new album, Trespassing. He will, however, perform in Hong Kong on March 5.

A flamboyant entertainer noted for his powerful voice, electrifying performances and distinctive style, Lambert became a rock and pop icon all over the world after he won second prize in the eighth season of the TV show.

"When his management first contacted us with this opportunity we were thrilled," says Adam Wilkes, AEG's senior vice-president of Asia Music and Touring, organizer of Lambert's concert in China. "This is the first star from American Idol to stage a solo concert here."

Lambert appeared on Chinese TV screens in September when he was the first Western artist to perform on Zhejiang TV's The Voice of China.

Lambert has made other efforts to develop his career in the Chinese market, by engaging the local media. His Sina Weibo account has more than 190,000 followers, and his Chinese fan club is constantly active.

"By taking the time to communicate with his Chinese fans directly, he has a fast growing number of passionate Chinese fans," Wilkes says. "I am sure that his appeal here will increase once local fans see his high energy live in concert."

Lambert released his debut studio album, For Your Entertainment, in 2009, selling 198,000 copies in its first week and reached the top 10 in the music charts of several countries. Songs such as For Your Entertainment and Whataya Want from Me became international hits.

Lambert also won a Grammy Award nomination for best male pop vocal performance in 2011.

His second album, Trespassing was released in May, 2012. It topped the Billboard charts in both the US and Canada.

"For this album, I wanted to evolve and explore new sounds. Having been on tour for a year, and really understanding what gets my fans both dancing and crying, I had a better idea of the type of music that I wanted to create," Lambert said in a message to Chinese media.

"Also, having been through the experience of becoming a public person, I know myself better as an artist. I'm more in tune with the things that I want to express and the stereotypes that I want to challenge. This album is the most vulnerable I've let myself get. These are my real ideas, dreams, fears and struggles - that's what I'm singing about."

AEG also revealed that it will open a new arena in Dalian, in October, the third in the mainland after the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai and MasterCard Center in Beijing.

"This combination of international standard hardware and top tier software, which is world-class music, culture and sport, allows Chinese fans to enjoy the world's best live entertainment experiences," says John Cappo, president and CEO of AEG China.

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