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Getting a nose for matching cheese and wines

By John H. Isacs   (Shanghai Daily)

12:48, January 17, 2013

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If you love food and wine, then you most likely enjoy eating cheese and wine together.

Good any time of year, a glass of wine with the appropriate cheese is ideal for warming the body and soul during Shanghai's cold winter season.

These symbiotic partners magically combine their unique qualities to bring joy to the palate.

Long history

We recently discovered that the history of wine is 7,000 or more years old, and this history is getting older with every new archeological discovery or advancement in DNA analysis. Most historians believe cheese was first made by accident and consumed over 10,000 years ago by herding tribes in the Near East.

Milk from some of the first sheep herders was stored in the skins and innards of animals and sometimes due to special micro and macro climatic conditions would sometimes turn to curd.

The herders soon learned how to replicate the conditions necessary for turning fresh milk into the curd that makes longer lasting cheese and therefore the art of cheese making was born.

Some of the earliest documented evidence of cheese-making comes from Sumerian tablets that detail several ancient approaches to making cheeses of different flavors and textures. The result was described as solid milk with the flavors of meats and seafood.

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