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Dose 'ex-fans' reflect diverse values?

(People's Daily Online)

08:20, November 27, 2012

According to the Jinan Times, the survey “who is the celebrity you would most like to boo off stage”, several personages characterized by frequent uttering of surprising and pungent remarks were on the list. It was unlucky for Yu Dan to be the latest celebrity falling into disfavor. But she could draw comfort from the result of the survey.

There are so many celebrities in the networked society that new personages emerge every day in the academic, entertainment, political and sports areas. Ordinary readers are fed up with massive news that dominates the pages.

Any personages are likely to become another Yu Dan if they speak and act patronizingly through the public media, turning a blind eye to the IQ, EQ and common senses of the general public.

If this phenomenon is referred to as "ex-fans", its values lie not in booing celebrities off stage, not in puncturing their confidence, not in dampening the enthusiasm of those used to amuse themselves with celebrities’ gossip. Its values lie in the fact that it indicates the diversification of cultures and values.

The cultural diversification exposes people to more than one voice, and gives people a chance to voice their opinions. This represents the progress in social civilization. How civilized a society is can be measured by how slavish the grass roots of the society are and how many choices they have.

Everyone is entitled to think. There are now 500 million netizens in our country. The large amount of information they read on the Web every day shape their values, views and attitudes. In the era of new media, everyone has a microphone.

More importantly, every one use the microphone to voice what they think as fit. This is necessary for civilization and civil society.

Finally, celebrities can be deprived of applause but are worthy of respect just like everyone in our society.

Read the Chinese version: 评选“最想轰下台的名人”体现价值多元化

Source:People's Daily Online , author: Wang Chuantao

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