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Chan Wu, spiritual cultivation of Kung Fu, booms overseas

(People's Daily Online)

15:21, November 16, 2012

Members of the International Chan Wu Federation pose for a photo.(file photo)

Seventeen representatives of Chan Wu Federation (Chan means Zen Buddhism and Wu means martial arts) from Hungary recently had a visit to Henan and Beijing, and what they most expected and also the most eye-catching is martial arts exchange activities with the Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng city and White Horse Temple of Luoyang. These Hungarian warrior monks demonstrated Chan Wu with their gestures and motions.

Invitation by Chinese leader

"The trip to Shaolin Temple derived from China's Vice Premier Li Keqiang's visit to Hungary," Shi Xinghong, head of the representatives and chairman of Chan Wu Federation said with proudly. "He was impressed by the Shaolin Kung Fu performed by our coaches and students when he visited the Chinese-Hungarian bilingual school in Budapest, and he invited these students to visit Shaolin Temple for visit and exchanges."

Six months later, these Hungarians with dark eyes and Roman nose came to the "holy land" of their mind. Some of them have practiced Shaolin Kung Fu for more than 10 years and others just began learning it.

Shi began practicing martial arts at nine years old. He was ever the 32nd generation warrior monk of Shaolin Temple and head of Shaolin warrior monk team. Shi came to Hungary alone in 1999 and founded the Chan Wu Federation there in 2003, which includes Chinese Kung Fu, Chinese medicine, tea ceremony, calligraphy, dragon and lion dance, among which Shaolin Kung Fu is the most popular. Now, the Chan Wu Federation has had 12 formal member states and 18 informal member states, with foreign students scattering in all around the world.

Chan Wu in Hungary

"Most foreign people learn Kung Fu to beat others like Bruce Lee or out of curiosity about the mysterious Chinese Kung Fu." But Shi Xing Hong is emphatic about the element Chan of "Chan Wu", saying it is the Chan ideas and wisdom that provide the foundation for the superiority of Shaolin Kung Fu. "Many people are focused on the appearance of Kung Fu but neglect the spiritual cultivation."

Shi Xing Hong explains the three levels of learning Kung Fu to the learners like this: "Level one: knock the enemy flat with one punch; level two: the manner you sit there intimidates the enemy into surrendering; level three: the manner you sit there calms people down and rids them of any thought of fight."

The first batch of Shaolin Kung Fu coaches of the International Chan Wu Federation is former students of Shi Xing Hong. "The first group I coached had 30 learners; they all followed through and now live on that. A deep understanding of Chan Wu will make you love it more and more."

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