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Chinese Kung Fu: myth or deceitful trick?

(People's Daily Online)

14:47, September 18, 2012

Chinese Kung Fu star Li Xiaolong (L), Chen Long (C) and Li Lianjie (R).(file photo)

Recently, a video titled "Jingwu Taichi master demonstrates pushing hands at graduation ceremony for apprentices" became very popular on the Internet.

Video: Ture or not ? Magical Chinese Jingwu Taiji

Some said that the event just shows the tip of the iceberg on the ills of Chinese Kung Fu. In addition to fraud, a series of phenomena including "being pleasant to the eye but of no use" have been plaguing Chinese Kung Fu. Even more terribly, various films and television programs excessively deify Chinese Kung Fu and many people directly link it with patriotism and national self-confidence. It seems that Chinese Kung Fu cannot afford to fail.

Today, in the tide of commercial culture and health maintenance, this kind of untraceable Kung Fu has brought lucrative profits to the gainers.

There have been numerous discussions about whether Chinese Kung Fu is powerful and some news perhaps can disclose the truth.

First, when the boxing champion Evander Holyfield came to China to participate in a commercial activity and was asked his views on Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li, Holyfield, who had been harassed by such questions for many times, no longer answered politely but said directly that they were actors and he did not care to deal with the three of them.

Second, some competitions such as "Chinese Kung Fu versus Japanese Karate," "Chinese Kung Fu versus U.S. Professional Boxing," "Chinese Kung Fu versus Russian Free Combat" and "Chinese Kung Fu versus Thai Boxing Champion," have been organized with Chinese Kung Fu always winning due to the advantages in the rules made by its sponsors. All of these competitions are commercial performances. Real martial artists say that the martial arts itself is modest and unobtrusive while martial arts novels are exaggerated and deified.

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