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James carries Heat past hard-fighting Pacers


17:29, May 23, 2013

MIAMI, May 22 (Xinhua) -- With a triple double and a buzzer beater, LeBron James was simply unstoppable.

The super star, who bagged four MVP awards in five years, made a game-winning lay-up with the remaining 2.2 seconds in overtime to force a 103-102 win over the Indiana Pacers at the first game of the Eastern Conference Finals here on Wednesday.

"I'm blessed to be in that position," said James. "My teammates put me in great position each and every night."

The key lay-up, as well as his 30 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists, made James the hottest topic in the post-game press conference. "So as you see, I was very excited afterwards. I almost jump in his arms," said Dwyne Wade, who was among over twenty thousand Heat fans to celebrate the breathe-taking victory in late night. Heat is 1-0 up on home court.

Pacers had a chance to win the series opener. Paul George hit three straight free throws in the overtime to give Pacers 102-101 lead. However, the 2.2-second shot changed all.

"This one might be the toughest one to swallow," said George, who scored a team high 27 points after a cold-handed first half.

"Talking about having an opportunity to take the first game. Kind of be the lead of the series, and not being able to do it because of a last possession, that one hurts."

The third seed in Eastern conference was lucky enough to make into the overtime. George used up the final 11 seconds in regular time to level a 92-89 game with a 32-foot three pointer.

"He shot from about 30 (feet), and once it left his hands, it looked like he shot it from the free-throw line," said Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, "That was a big shot."

Many reporters had to rewrite their stories because of the changes made in overtime. Pacers established a 99-96 lead, only to see Chris Bosh level the game again with a three-point play. James' two points would have beat Pacers, who was two points down with 10 seconds left, but George delivered magical performance on free throw line to give Pacers the lead again. Finally, it was Jame to wrap everything up.

"He was an all-everything role for us," said Spoelstra, "and this is the norm.

"This may be what it takes to beat this team."

Pacers spoiled the 42-37 lead in the first half, but one game wasn't enough to disappoint the best defensive team in the league. "It was a terrific game," said Pacers coach Frank Vogel. "If I was sitting in you all's seats, I'm sure you all enjoyed a terrific game."

"We played a very good basketball game, but we have to play better."

Pacers would face Heat again on the same court on Friday.

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