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NBA to launch Chinese New Year celebration


08:08, January 30, 2013


NEW YORK, Jan. 29 (Xinhua) -- The National Basketball Association (NBA) will launch a unprecedented eight-day on-court celebration for the upcoming Chinese New Year in February.

A total of 23 matches from February 8-15 will be live broadcasted throughout China, with five teams promising to set up Chinese-theme celebration during the games, and two stadia to display decorations in the Chinese style, the NBA announced on Tuesday.

The Chinese New Year is on February 10 and the year 2013 is the Snake Year in the Chinese lunar calendar.

The NBA inaugurated the first Chinese New Year celebration in 2012 when 21 matches were broadcasted in China, attracting 96 million television viewers. The league is ready to make the Chinese New Year celebration a traditional week-long gala for American and international fans.

The Chief Executive Operator (CEO) of the NBA China David Shoemaker said, "The Chinese New Year is the most important holiday for the Chinese fans. We're glad to enjoy the holiday with our fans and their family. We'll produce a series of Chinese New Year celebration and more exciting matches for the Chinese and American fans for the coming of the Snake Year."

Former Sacramento Kings' forward Peja Stojakovic, who was borne in 1977, also a Snake Year, will go to Beijing to accompany Chinese fans to watch a match between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers on February 8.

Chinese fans could take a on-line poll on the to win an opportunity to have the New Year dinner with Stojakovic on the following night on February 9.

The Washington Wizards will hold the first on-court celebration during a home match against the Brooklyn Nets on February 9, with the Chicago Bulls, the Gold State Warriors, the Miami Heat and the Toronto Raptors having their celebration in the following games. The Celtics and the Los Angeles Clippers will make the first Chinese New Year decoration during their home matches.

All the 24 teams on the match day of February 9 will get their Chinese New Year Celebration jerseys for the shoot-outs, produced by the Adidas.

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