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Top 10 most profitable public companies


08:40, May 06, 2013

Up to April 16, 2013, 1,663 public companies in China handed in their 2012 annual reports, which showed the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd. makes the highest net profit.

According to statistics, five public companies in 2012 respectively made a net profit exceeding the 100 billion yuan line, maintaining the same level as that of the previous year.

Seven of these top ten most profitable public companies are banks; three others hail from the energy sector.

The aggregated net profits of top ten public enterprises stood at 1,083 trillion yuan, accounting for over 50 percent of the total profits from listed companies with A shares.

N0 . 10 China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd. (stock code: 600016.SH)

China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd. (stock code: 600016.SH) (File Photo)

Net profit: 37.563 billion yuan

China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd. Established in Beijing on January 12, 1996, CMBC is a commercial bank, whose A-shares were listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on December 19, 2000. On March 18, 2003, four billion of convertible CMBC bonds were officially traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. CMBC positions itself as one of "working for private enterprises, small & micro-enterprises, high-end customers."

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