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Salary rise of 15-25% expected

By Zhao Wen  (Shanghai Daily)

08:48, February 27, 2013

JOB seekers aiming to change jobs in China in 2013 can expect an average pay increase of 15-25 percent, up slightly from last year, due to the strong demand for labor from multinational companies, a Robert Walters survey said yesterday.

The robust need for workers is due to MNCs which move their headquarters to Shanghai and continue to expand their business in China, the UK-based headhunting firm said. It predicts global brands in the retail, luxury and fast-moving consumer goods markets will expand to second- and third-tier Chinese cities, fuelling demand for sales, human resource, training and business development professionals.

The expected pay increase declined from the 15-30 percent range in 2011 but was up slightly from 15-20 percent last year.

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