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Top smart device market soon

By Zhu Shenshen   (Shanghai Daily)

08:56, February 20, 2013

CHINA may overtake the United States to become the world's top smart device market by the end of this month, a US-based research firm said yesterday.

China will become the world's top market with 246 million active Android and iOS smartphones and tablets by the end of February, overhauling the US' 230 million units for the first time, according to Flurry.

"We also conclude that the US will not take back the lead from China, given the vast difference in population of each country," Flurry said in a statement.

The number of active units represents real usage of smart devices in a country. In January, there were 221 million active smart devices in China against the 222 million in the US, and Flurry believed the number in China will surpass that of the US this month.

The rapidly growing middle class in China, already the world's biggest phone market, who purchase iPhone, Samsung and HTC products will help the country close the gap with the US, according to analysts.

China is now the second biggest regional market for Apple Inc and it will pass the US to become the largest within several years, Apple CEO Tim Cook said during his visit to Beijing last month.

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