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Xi's appeal to curb waste gets warm response

By Zhao Lei  (China Daily)

09:07, January 30, 2013

Servers clean plates at a restaurant in Beijing on Tuesday. The recent appeal to fight against extravagance has helped reduce the amount of waste at restaurants. [Feng Yongbin / China Daily]

Leader calls for resource-saving measures

The recent appeal made by the Party's top leader Xi Jinping to fight against extravagance and waste of resources has received an enthusiastic response from Chinese officials and members of the public.

In his comments in a news story by the Xinhua News Agency, Xi said it is shocking to know the huge amount of food that is wasted in China.

Considering that there is still a significant number of Chinese people living in poverty, rigorous measures are called for to stop the serious waste of resources, Xi said.

He urged publicity authorities to strengthen their efforts to improve the public's awareness of waste, noting that the time-honored Chinese tradition of "being diligent and thrifty" and the idea of "honor to frugality and shame to extravagance" should be promoted among all walks of life.

Party organs, government departments, military units, public-funded institutions, State-owned enterprises and officials at all levels should strictly obey resource-saving measures and firmly eliminate the waste of taxpayers' money, the top leader said, requesting supervision and inspections to be intensified over officials' extravagant acts.

Xi's call has been echoed by Party members and officials who said the general secretary's requests should be fulfilled immediately, Xinhua reported on Tuesday.

They suggest authorities should start by removing lavish events and reducing waste during the ongoing sessions of local legislators and political advisers and the Spring Festival holiday, according to the report.

Normally, the annual meetings of local legislators and political advisers, which are often referred to as the two sessions, take place in January and before Spring Festival. In the past, meeting organizers usually accommodated attendees in luxury hotels and held sumptuous banquets in their honor.

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