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Pollution may make economy stumble

By ZHENG XIN (China Daily)

08:16, January 16, 2013

Heavy fog envelops Nanchang city in Jiangxi province on Jan 14, 2013. [Photo/Xinhua]

Construction, tourism 'will be hit by haze and measures to tackle it'

As a number of cities try to clear the air, specialists in Beijing warn that the pollution and emergency responses to reduce it could damage the economy and tourism.

Authorities in the capital said on Monday they had ordered 58 factories with high emissions to suspend operations. Work at construction sites that could cause dust, such as leveling land, were also halted.

The move followed similar action in Shijiazhuang, in neighboring Hebei province, where authorities stopped work at more than 700 construction sites.

Both cities have advised young children and the elderly to stay indoors.

The capital has ordered kindergartens, primary and middle schools to scrap

physical education classes until air quality improves.

"Pollution from the 58 factories has been cut, and we believe we can reduce their emissions by 30 percent," Li Hong, deputy director of Beijing's Economy and Information Technology Commission, said at a news conference held jointly by several departments on Monday.

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