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China-Britain trade in robust growth despite euro crisis, weak global economy


08:53, January 14, 2013

LONDON, Jan. 12 (Xinhua) -- Despite the difficulties brought about by the euro debt crisis and slowdown of the world economy, China and Britain have achieved exceptional growth in bilateral economic and trade relations in 2012.


The bilateral trade in goods between the two countries reached 63.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2012, surging 7.5 percent compared with the previous year, the statistics from the economy and commerce section of the Chinese embassy in Britain showed.

China's exports to Britain rose by 4.9 percent to 46.3 billion dollars, and import from Britain jumped 15.5 percent year on year to 16.8 billion dollars, with growth ranking first among major trade partners in the European Union (EU).

"This is not easy win," especially under the difficult situation last year when the demand from EU countries shrank, trade protectionism escalated especially there had been negative growth for several successive months in the China-EU trade, said Zhou Xiaoming, minister counselor for economy and commerce in the Chinese embassy in Britain.

Last year, Britain was the only country among China's major trade partners in the EU to pose a positive growth in trade with China, while the bilateral trade between China and the EU, Germany, France and Italy dropped.

China now mainly exports machinery, electronics, plastics, furniture and shoes to Britain, while Britain's main exports include motor vehicles, chemical products and food.

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