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Wildfire rages on Greek island of Rhodes amid strong winds


09:14, July 29, 2013

ATHENS, July 28 (Xinhua) -- A major wildfire was raging on the island of Rhodes in the southeastern Aegean Sea on Sunday, while Fire Brigade forces have put under control blazes in other islands during the weekend amid hot dry weather and strong winds.

No injuries have been reported by local authorities in all cases.

Rhodes' fire-fighting force assisted by fire fighters who were transferred from other parts of Greece, six water-bombing planes and helicopters have been trying to put under control the fire which erupted late Saturday at the eastern part of the island.

As a precaution measure, authorities ordered the evacuation of a village, according to local media. According to the Fire Brigade, the fire which extends over two kilometers has already burnt down 3,000 hectares of forested land. Officers expect that it will be put under control in the next few hours.

Two fires were also reported on the island of Crete during the weekend, at the prefectures of Herakleion and Lasithi. Firemen along with local residents put all their efforts to save residential areas from the rage of the fire.

Only damages in greenhouses and agricultural and livestock facilities were reported in the end, as it happened on the island of Serifos in central Aegean Sea where a fire broke out on Saturday and was extinguished within hours.

Greece suffers each summer from destructive wildfires linked to scorching temperatures and arson in many cases.

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