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Egypt's interim gov't faces three obstacles


08:20, July 17, 2013

BEIJING, July 16 (Xinhua) -- Egypt's interim government line-up is expected to be announced in a day or two, and Interim Prime Minister Hazem al-Beblawy is speeding up the formation of a new cabinet, amid unceasing clashes between police and supporters of ousted leader Mohamed Morsi.

Given the existing circumstances in the country, Egypt's interim government faces heavy tasks on a long road ahead as it has to clear three obstacles of ending clashes nationwide, properly tackling economic problems and completing political transition.

A new round of pollical turbulence, triggered by Morsi's stepdown, recently were still foaming across the country, as clashes between security forces and Morsi's supporters burst frequently in various provinces with some casualties.

It's imperative for the interim government at present is to appease as soon as possible the clashes that had already spread nationwide and to restore order and stability.

Yet, the end of violent clashes largely depends on the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). If the MB chooses to confront the military and the interim government, peace could not be expected in the country soon, and the MB itself also could incur further crackdown.

Egypt's military apparently has made necessary preparations, as shown in its increasingly stern announcements.

Analysts believe that it is a wise and long-run choice for the MB to accept the reality and open a national dialogue.

After the disturbances calm down, the economy will be the interim government's top concern. Currently, Egypt has obtained urgent financial assistance from some Arab Gulf countries and it also is holding talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which can help the country tide over its current financial difficulties and enhance its confidence.

However, the structural problems in Egypt's economy could not be solved overnight and the country needs deeper economic reforms. In this sense, the interim government is struggling in a situation no better than that faced by Morsi.

What is good news is that most members of the interim cabinet will be technocrats and it could tackle the economic issues better to help the country improve the people's livelihood soon and set out for a long-term development.

Next, Egypt's interim government has to complete a series of tough tasks, such as the enactment of a new constitution, and the election of a new parliament and a new president for the country. It could be expected that Egypt's military, secular forces and Islamic forces still will contend fiercely. The political process in the North African country could not be smooth.

Undoubtedly, Egypt's interim government will provide an opportunity for the country to open a new chapter. Egypt's new government is highly expected to squarely face the complex reality, catch the opportunity for peace, and unite all political forces to realize dialogue and reconciliation.

Dialogue, instead of confrontation, is the best choice for all parties in Egypt in achieving national reconciliation and revitalization.

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