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Israeli security guard indicted for murder over shooting dead man


19:27, July 04, 2013

JERUSALEM, July 4 (Xinhua) -- A murder indictment was filed against an Israeli security guard who shot dead a man at the Jewish holy site of the Western Wall in Jerusalem on June 21.

The murder indictment was filed in the Jerusalem District Court against 25 year-old Hadi Kabalan on charges of murder. A copy of the indictment was sent to Xinhua.

On Friday, June 21, as worshippers gathered at the holy site believed to be the remains of the ancient Jewish temple, Kabalan shot 10 bullets that killed 46 year-old Doron Ben Shlush.

According to the police's initial report, based on the testimony of Kablan himself, the victim screamed "allah-hu-akbar" (god is great in Arab) and reached for his pocket, making Kablan fear the victim may draw a weapon or carry out a militant attack.

However, the police's investigation since then, based on security-camera footage obtained by policemen and eye-witnesses' testimonies, found the case to be different altogether and, as the prosecution charges, a premeditated murder.

According to the investigation, an altercation developed earlier that morning between the two. After that, the defendant had apparently asked other security guards at the scene whether they will pay him 1,000 shekels (nearly 300 U.S. dollars) if he killed Ben Shlush, as he did later on that day.

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