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Taliban may hold talks with US Thursday


20:23, June 20, 2013

BEIJING, June 20 (Xinhuanet) -- A source from the Taliban says talks with the US are likely to be held in Qatar on Thursday at the earliest. The comment comes after delays caused by tensions over the naming of a new Taliban political office in the capital, Doha. Afghan President Hamid Karzai has indicated his government would not attend the peace talks.

The newly-established Taliban political office is located in downtown Doha. It neighbors with Qatar’s major ministries, and embassies from around the world. Security in the two-story villa has been tight, as unwanted people are prohibited from entering. More than ten Taliban members will work in the office if it is put into full operation. A Taliban member says talks with the US may be held on Thursday at the earliest.

The agenda is likely to focus on the release of prisoners detained in Guantanamo Bay, and on the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan by 2014.

Sahin, Member, Taliban Political Office, Doha, said, "First our leadership will appoint a team of negotiators, and those negotiators will form the agendas, and start negotiations with Americans based on that agenda, we have proposed there should be confidence building measures. And one of the measures including the opening up........the negotiation will start with the Americans. "

Analysts say the Taliban political office in Doha has provided a platform for Afghanistan’s peace talks. But it’s still unknown to what extent it will promote the scheduled event.

Moreover, the low level of trust between the Taliban and Afghan government, along with the US’ wavering attitude, has added more uncertainty to the talks.

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