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UN chief voices support to resolving inter-Korean differences through dialogue


08:55, May 07, 2013

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (R) meets with visiting South Korean President Park Geun-hye at the UN headquarters in New York, the United States, on May 6, 2013. (Xinhua/Niu Xiaolei)

UNITED NATIONS, May 6 (Xinhua) -- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday voiced his support to resolving inter-Korean differences through building trust and dialogue, as he met with South Korean President Park Geun-hye at the UN headquarters.

It is the first visit to the UN headquarters by Park since she took office as South Korea's first female president in February.

During the meeting, "the secretary-general and President Park Geun-hye discussed the current situation on the Korean Peninsula," said a readout issued to the press here by Ban's spokesperson.

The UN chief, a South Korean national, "strongly supported her determination to resolve inter-Korean differences through building trust and dialogue," said the readout.

According to the readout, Ban also "praised the president for her firm, but measured response to recent provocative actions by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)."

"As secretary-general, he reaffirmed his readiness to contribute to defusing tension and promoting peace and stability on the Korean peninsula," said the readout.

In addition, Ban expressed his concern about the "serious food and nutrition situation in the DPRK in particular youth and other vulnerable group."

Park arrived in New York on Sunday to begin her visit to the United States, her first overseas trip as president. She is expected to meet with U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington on Tuesday.

"The Republic of Korea will always stand side by side with the UN to promote a more prosperous, happier global community," Park wrote on the guest book before meeting with Ban.

During their meeting, according to South Korea's Yonhap news agency, Park outlined to Ban her "Korean Peninsula trust process" policy that calls for dialogue and exchanges to foster trust with the North to reduce tensions.

The two also discussed other issues on the agenda of the UN, such as sustainable development, the fight against climate change, and the contribution to global peace and human rights promotion, said the readout issued by Ban's spokesperson.

Hailing South Korea as "a highly valued and steadfast partner" of the UN, Ban expressed strong hope for the country's experience and capacity as "a bridge builder" in accelerating the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, the readout added.

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