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Israel strikes Gaza in response to rocket fire


16:04, April 28, 2013

JERUSALEM, April 28 (Xinhua) -- Israeli aircraft struck targets in the Gaza Strip early Sunday after militants in the coastal territory fired a rocket at the western Negev on Saturday night.

The predawn strike in southern Gaza included a Hamas training facility and a weapons storage site, the military said in a statement, adding that the pilots confirmed direct hits on the targets and returned safely.

There were no reports of casualties or damage in the attack.

Gaza militants have fired rockets and mortars at southern Israel on several occasions since an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire ended eight days of cross-border fighting last November.

Israel has vowed to respond to any breach of the ceasefire, but to date has struck targets in the coastal enclave twice, including Sunday morning's air strike.

The Israeli Defense Forces "will not tolerate attempts to harm Israeli civilians and will not allow the situation that existed before Operation Pillar of Defense to return," the statement said, adding that Israel holds Hamas responsible for "any terrorist activity" emanating from Gaza.

Last week, militants in the Sinai Peninsula fired two rockets at the Red Sea port city of Eilat. One of the projectiles fell in a residential area and the other near the Israeli-Jordanian border. An Iron Dome missile defense battery that was positioned outside Eilat identified the launching but did not intercept the projectiles.

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