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Syria warns of regional disaster unless Jihadists reined in


12:08, April 05, 2013

DAMASCUS, April 4 (Xinhua) -- Amid reports that Syria has turned the main destination of the world's Jihadists, Damascus warned that unless those Jihadists are denied access, the crisis it has sustained for over two years will spill over across its border and set the entire region ablaze.

Syria, via its state-controlled newspaper al-Thawra, warned Jordan on Thursday against training foreign fighters on its territory and accused it of espousing the policy of a double ambiguity.

Al-Thawra said Jordan is now "closely feeling the meaning of drowning into anarchy, which even does not need a matchstick to ignite in all directions." It added that Jordan is getting closer to the "volcanic crater."

The report came just two days after the Washington Post said the United Stats is currently training some 3,000 rebels in Jordan to send them later to Syria "to escalate the crisis."

A new study conducted by the International Center for Studies on extremism at King's College in London said the number of European fighters, who joined the armed terrorist groups in Syria, has exceeded 600.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Ukashevic stressed that Syria's turning into a magnet for international terrorists has become a terrifying reality, expressing Moscow's deep concern over the news about the involvement of people from other countries in terrorist acts in Syria.

Ukashevic stressed that his country will continue its hectic efforts to begin urgent political settlement in Syria, pointing out that Moscow has made it clear to its Western and international partners the dangers of encouraging the opposition to rely on a military solution to the Syrian crisis.

The unrest in Syria spilled over into neighboring Lebanon once again this week, with reports saying a Syrian helicopter had fired two rockets into the outskirts of the Lebanese town of Ersal in the Beka'a Valley without causing any casualty.

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, the Lebanese government has officially sought to distance the country from the conflict. However, several deadly clashes have erupted between pro- and anti-President Bashar al-Assad's government.

Syria has often complained that gunmen are crossing via several sites along the long joint borders into Syria to carry out terrorist acts in the country, and there are daily reports in Syria's official media about the army foiling infiltration attempts by gunmen from Lebanon. It has furthermore warned that its jet fighters will cross the borders and target those terrorists inside Lebanon.

So as to stop the extremist fighters from damaging the stability of the entire region, some countries have started to take actions. For instance, Tunisia has pledged to continue hunting extremist groups at a time when the authorities have started taking security measures to prevent the travel of young Tunisians across Libya to join the armed groups in Syria.

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