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EU urges expedited investigation on horsemeat scandal


09:21, February 14, 2013

BRUSSELS, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) -- The European Commission has called on certain member states of the European Union involved in recent horsemeat scandal to step up investigations and restore consumers' confidence.

"I hope that the national investigations will uncover the culprits soon," said Tonio Borg, European commissioner for health and consumer policy, during an informal ministerial meeting with agriculture ministers of the concerned member states here on Wednesday.

In the last few days, the scandal erupted across Europe after horsemeat was found in such food products as burgers and lasagnas while being fraudulently labeled as beef.

According to EU legislation, horsemeat can be used for meat products, on the condition that it has to be declared on the label, in addition to the fact that member states should be responsible for the proper enforcement of EU rules.

The Commission was working with national authorities to make sure the source of the issue could be identified and dealt with, the commissioner said.

"In particular, we are working with the French, Romanian, Dutch, Luxembourg and British authorities," he added.

All EU member states are scheduled to further discuss about the scandal in a special meeting of the standing committee on the food chain this Friday.

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