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Egypt's Morsi offers compromise to end crisis, opposition dissatisfied

By Mahmoud Fouly (Xinhua)

08:41, January 30, 2013

CAIRO, Jan. 29 (Xinhua) -- Egypt is undergoing chaos and disorder following Jan. 25 nationwide anti-government protests and then the bloody clashes in Port Said and other governorates, including capital Cairo, urging President Mohamed Morsi to offer a compromise and invite opposition for dialogue to contain the ongoing crisis.

However, the main opposition bloc, the National Salvation Front (NFS), turned down Monday the invitation and preconditioned presidential guarantees including constitutional amendments, formation of a national salvation government, sacking current prosecutor-general and subjecting Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group to the law.

It seems that their positions have been switched, as opposition in the past used to seek dialogue with the government, but now the president seeks dialogue with opposition and the latter declines.

Morsi said Tuesday, "I am ready to communicate personally with the NSF leaders and members and re-invite them for dialogue," according to official reports.

The NSF, however, sees that Morsi's invitation for dialogue should have been restricted to the effective political forces in the arena in order to be efficient and practical.

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