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Austria hope to build bilateral ties at CELAC summit in Chile


17:57, January 24, 2013

VIENNA, Jan 23 (Xinhua) -- Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann will take part in the EU-CELAC (European Union - Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) Summit in Chile on the weekend, where he hopes to build upon economic ties with the region.

Joining Faymann will be Austrian State Secretary for the Foreign Ministry Reinhold Lopatka, where they will take part in the main conference as well as conduct bilateral talks, primarily centred on the development of economic relations between the EU and Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as environmental issues.

Faymann said Wednesday European direct investments in Central and Latin America made up 43 percent of total investments in the region, that bring with it a responsibility for Europe and European companies, "both in terms of environment protection and social balance."

He added that environmental technologies and green energy would also be topics of discussion, and said Austria had many internationally-renowned industry leaders in those fields.

Lopatka will be present in Latin America ahead of the summit, where, together with Vice-President of the European Commission Antonio Tajani, he will visit Peru, where he will seek to establish contacts.

He told the Austria Press Agency that Austrian exports to Peru had risen 100 percent in recent years, and said he expected a similar figure for Chile. He also hopes to use the summit as an opportunity to conduct bilateral talks with representatives from Uruguay, Cuba, and Haiti.

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