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2 Israeli Bedouins arrested for planning militant attacks


12:50, January 21, 2013

JERUSALEM, Jan. 20 (Xinhua) -- The Shin Bet Security Agency and Israeli police announced on Sunday that two Bedouin brothers, suspected of planning rockets and explosive attacks against Israeli targets, have been recently arrested.

According to Shin Bet's announcement, Mahmoud Abu Kuyder, 25 years old, and his brother Samech, 21 years old, from Negev, are suspected of sustaining contacts with militants in the Gaza Strip and outside of Israel, as well as making explosives and attempting to shoot rockets over destinations in the country.

The two were recently arrested by security forces and confessed on planning to perform several attacks in Israel. One specific target they mentioned in their investigation is the central bus station in Be'er Sheva in the south.

According to Shin Bet, during Mahmoud's interrogation, he also admitted they planned to carry out an attack targeting trains as well as running over people with a car next to a central commercial building near the international Ben Gurion airport.

Mahmoud admitted that he was influenced by internet websites of global extreme jihadist factions.

The Shin Bet said in response to the uncovered affair in their announcement, that the incident is a "grave" one, "in which Israeli civilians, residents of Negev, planned terrorism... against civilians and security forces."

There are nearly 200,000 Bedouins in Israel, a desert-dwelling Arab ethnic group, divided into clans and tribes. Most of them live in the Negev Desert in southern Israel.

They became Israeli citizens after the 1948 declaration of independence, with several Bedouin tribes displaced, while others live without Israeli citizenship in the Palestinian territories.

Ten of thousands of Bedouins live in towns and villages like Rahat, which has 28,000 residents, while thousands of others live in unrecognized villages, some of them built before 1948, without infrastructure and in constant threat of demolition.

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