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Success lies in understanding what Silicon Valley is

By Han Shasha (People's Daily Online)

13:11, November 16, 2012

Gordon K. Davidson, Chairman of Fenwick & West LLP (People's Daily Online/ Han Shasha)

Exclusive interview with Fenwick & West Chairman Gordon Davidson

People's Daily Online--As home to world's technology innovation and entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley remains an exciting, challenging and lucrative place for ambitious entrepreneurs and companies with urgent hunger for success.

But how to get used to the unique environment here seems to be a challenge. People's Daily Online made an exclusive interview with Gordon Davidson, Chairman of Fenwick & West LLP to give some suggestions.

For more than four decades, Fenwick & West has helped some of the world’s most recognized companies, from emerging enterprises to large public corporations become market leaders in the areas of technology, life sciences and clean technology. So understand Silicon Valley and the company here.

Gordon Davidson said that companies must understand the market in Silicon Valley. He thinks that there is something special about Silicon Valley and the way works here.

He said that enterprises should learn as more as possible about the local business, market, business norms and legal norms. "It's important to spend time to understand the history, the reasons the company succeed and what they learn from failure," he said. “They should understand what motivates the entrepreneurs, what motivate the company in terms of success.”

The first thing people get to know is that the environment in Silicon Valley is quite different from other places. Silicon Valley is driven by experimentation. It's normal to make mistake. Mr. Davidson said:" You try, you fail, you reassess, you understand why it didn't work and you start again." In his eyes, failure is not disgrace. Failure is just part of the learning curve.

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