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Travel tips: Sites of spring in China

By Lu Feiran (Shanghai Daily)

14:23, April 08, 2013

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Spring flowers are in bloom across the country, and as fans flock to admire the season's color, it sometimes seems as though China has been transformed into a huge horticultural park. Shanghai Daily reporter Lu Feiran has selected some destinations around the country where you can admire peach, cherry, pear, oilseed rape and azaleas in full bloom, at everywhere from city parks to remote mountains.

Peach blossom

Originally found in northern and central China, peach trees now grow throughout the country's temperate zone. Its blossom is white or pink and is used as a herbal treatment for moisturizing the skin. Peach trees blossom around March and April.


The Nanhui area in Pudong New Area is one of the best sites to view peach blossoms in Shanghai. Every spring a peach blossom festival is held in the area, which has five grand peach orchards. This year, the festival runs until the end of April. The vast sea of pink blossom is a visual feast that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to Nanhui. In addition to admiring beautiful peach blossom, visitors can take part in folk games and other activities.

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